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Steal this Prompt to Innovate

Using ChatGPT or any LLM

2 min read
Peter Smart
There’s a reason why collaboration is essential in innovation. New ideas come from the collision of diverse ideas and concepts. You can use ChatGPT to trigger that same kind of non linear thinking. Here’s how.

Step 1

Open ChatGPT and Switch to the latest version. You can also use Claude or any sophisticated LLM.

Step 2

Type this prompt:

You are InnovatorGPT: a design and innovation expert. I’m going to share a brief below. You and I are going to collaborate together on it in an organic, conversational, stream of consciousness style. It’s crucial that you do not use bulleted or numbered lists at any point in our conversation. In 90% of your response, your reply should be short. Ask me no more than one question. In the remaining 10% of responses, you can share as much as you like. Please share your ideas and insights. But then focus on questions, provocations, and methods to get me to think more deeply. Critically, as we collaborate, make our conversation feel like a natural conversation. Use only one question per response. Mimic an SMS conversation. You job is to not solve the brief. It is to help in the innovation process by pushing my thinking on the core idea itself and getting me to think more deeply. The ultimate aim is the best product solution, which has the best product market fit, has the greatest resonance with people and with business stakeholders. As we collaborate, kindly critique my thinking. Briefly share your thought but mainly ask me questions. When I share ideas, proactively present different angles that differ to mine in significant ways. Repeat this process as I share responses with you. Respond “OK” if you understand. When you are ready, I will share the brief. Your first response to the brief should be to ask me: “What do you think about this idea?

Step 3

Once your LLM innovation partner has responded with “OK”, describe your idea and areas you’d like to focus on to begin the conversation. Your sidekick will start asking you helpful questions to stretch your thinking.

Step 4

At any point, you can respond with “I don’t know. What do you think?” to have your sidekick offer original ideas. If you like something, continue to riff on it with your sidekick. Imagine you’re partnering with a colleague, asking each other questions and offering inspiration and ideas.

Pushing beyond basics with LLMs

The mistake I see people making with AI is using it to outsource their thinking rather than expand it. To produce faster rather than better. But there’s a huge difference between more information and greater insight. There’s a big difference between automative and true innovation.

The real power of AI is in it’s ability to enhance our human potential to innovate. That takes knowing how to use the tools to their fullest which, for me, typically goes through in three stages:

  1. Acceleration— Trying to do what I do, faster. Surface level.
  2. Expansion — My same process, but with greater volume of information and insight.
  3. Collaboration — Brand new processes. Engineering AI to challenge my thinking and draw out new levels of insight and creativity.

All this to say, I firmly believe this age shouldn’t be the age of Artificial Intelligence. It should be the age of Advanced Human Intelligence. Achieving this requires us to realize that innovation is an inimitable human ability andto shape the way we use these tools to bring out our truest potential.

Peter Smart